Shedding Light Moments

2nd October 2023.
(Luke 12:22-34).
In His teaching and by His example, Jesus warned His followers to avoid hoarding possessions, to give to the poor, and to value what will not rust or decay. “For where your treasure is,” Jesus said, “there your heart will be also”(Luke 12:34).
We might think our things give meaning to our life. But when the latest gadget breaks or we misplace or lose something valuable, we begin to realise that it is our relationship with the Lord that satisfies and endures. It is our love and care for others that does not wither and fade away.
Let’s then ask the Lord to help us see clearly what we value, to show us where our heart is, and to help us seek His kingdom above all (v.31). So reflect on this SLM:-
“What we value reveals the state of our heart.”
…Pastor Ross.