Shedding Light Moments

Shedding Light Moment 26th July 2021.
(Isaiah 40:25-31)
In life, many times we find ourselves in what feels like a hopeless valley without the strength to go on. For many right now this imposed Covid lockdown, may have us on the verge of such a valley. When this happens, it is important to recall a promise of God to Israel and which I have also found true in my life: “He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak” (Isa 40:29).
If you are feeling drained and exhausted then ask God for help.
Depend on Him for the power to go on and the strength to make it through the valley. So ponder this Monday SLM.
“When we have nothing left but God, we discover that God is enough”.
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 19th July 2021.
(Eccles 2:1-11).
King Solomon seems to have had many breathtaking moments in his life. Yet his life reminds us that it’s important to find joy in “ordinary” things, for they are indeed wonderful. Bigger is not always better. More is not always an improvement. Busier doesn’t make us more important.
Rather than look for meaning in breathtaking moments, we should find meaning in every breath we take, and make every breath meaningful. So give this SLM some thought:-
“Breathing is more miraculous than anything that takes our breath away”.
….Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 21st July 2021.
(Psalm 37:1-11)
Does it bother you to see how much attention is paid in today’s culture to people who stand for the wrong things? Perhaps it is entertainment stars who espouse their immoral views in their music, movies, or programs. Or our leaders who openly thumb their noses at right-living standards.
It’s easy to fret and wring our hands in despair, but Psalm 37 gives us a better way. See v.1.
We cannot let negative forces cause us to live in anger and wrath as verse 8 suggests. Instead, we must rely on God to have the ultimate say about evildoers. Reflect on vv.2-7 again slowly.
We may not like what we see and hear from some aspects of society, but remember this: God is in control. Trust Him to do what is right. And don’t fret. And ponder this SLM.
“Don’t despair because of evil; God will have the last word”.
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 23rd July 2021.
(Psa 107:31-43) (Psa 107:1-2).
Showing our gratitude is most important in human relationships, but it’s even more essential in our relationship with God. As we think about the many blessings we have received, do we express our thanks to Him throughout the day? And when we think of the amazing gift of His death and resurrection for the forgiveness of our sins, do our hearts bubble over with awe and thanksgiving? See (Romans 6-23,and 2 Cor 9-15).
Take the reminder in Psalm 107-1 to heart each day and “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good!” Then ponder this SLM.
” God’s highest gift should awaken our deepest gratitude”.
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 12th July 2021.
(Matt 6:25-34).
Jesus gave wise council with respect to worry. In a word, simplify. See v.34.
Worry doesn’t accomplish anything positive; it just adds to the sense that we are drowning in the very troubles we are facing. We must take things as they come, just one day at time, and trust Him for the wisdom to respond properly.
If you feel overwhelmed by life, do what you can today and then entrust the rest to Him. As Jesus said, “Each day has enough trouble of its own”. So ponder this SLM.
“We lose the joy of living in the present when we worry about the future”.
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 14th July 2021.
(Prov 16:20-30).
As believers in Christ it behooves us to look at people with the goal of commending them, rather than finding fault or being critical.
Instead of being like a person who is focused on evil and whose speech is “like a scorching fire”(v.27), we can take a different approach, knowing that what we say begins deep inside us. “Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones”. Re-read verses 23-24.
Kind words may be free,but they give a priceless lift of spirit. So ponder this SLM.
“A gentle word of compliment falls lightly but it carries great weight”.
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 16th July 2021.
(Eph 6:13-21).
As followers of Christ, we face a dangerous foe; a spiritual enemy who seeks our downfall and destruction. That is why the Apostle Paul challenges us to suit up for spiritual battle. See verse13.
Paul then goes on to describe our armour: helmet, breastplate, shield, sword, belt and shoes. These pieces of spiritual equipment are effective only if we put them on and use them, even if they might feel somewhat uncomfortable at first. Faithfulness in the Word (v.17), in prayer (v.18), and in witness (vv.19 -20) are critical to making our armour feel like a part of us. So suit up! The battle is on! and ponder this SLM.
“God’s armour is tailor-made for you, but you must put it on.”
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 5th July 2021.
(Phil 3:8-17).
When plowing, if you stay focused on a fixed point across the field you will end up with straight furrows.
Paul drew from that fact when he wrote of having his focus on Jesus and the impact it had on him. Not only did he ignore distractions (vv 8,13), but he set his focus (vv 8,14), noted the result (vv.9-11), and observed the pattern it set for others (vv 16-17).
Like Paul, if we focus on Christ, we will plow a straight path and achieve God’s purpose in our lives. So ponder this SLM.
“When you keep your eyes on Christ, everything will come into focus.”
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 7th July 2021.
(Psalm 119:9-16).
Currently we are all being asked to stay “Covid clean”. This strikes me as a vivid reminder of our need to stay spiritually clean before God. When the Psalmist pondered how he could live a pure life, he concluded that the key was to consider and obey God’s teaching. See vv.11-12,16.
In light of God’s Word we see our sin, but we also see God’s love in Christ.
“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteous.” (1Jn 1:9)
It is by His grace that we can stay clean. So ponder this SLM.
“Read the Bible to be wise, believe it to be safe, practice it to be holy.”
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 9th July 2021.
(Psalm 117).
Psalm 117 is a message to the nations of the world that God’s love is great toward us. See verse 2.
So think about what God’s love means. God loved us before we were born; He will love us after we die. Not one thing can separate us from His love that is in Christ Jesus our Lord (Rom 8:39). His heart is an inexhaustible and irrepressible fountain of love!
As I read this brief psalm of praise to God, I can think of no greater encouragement for our journey than its reminder of God’s love. Praise the Lord!
So ponder this week’s end SLM.
“What we know about God should lead us to give joyful praise to Him”.
…Pastor Ross.