Shedding Light Moments

Shedding Light Moment 19th April 2021.
(Matt 18:23-35)
In Matthew 18, Jesus compares the kingdom of heaven to a king who decided to settle his accounts. The passage also deals with an unforgiving spirit.
Choosing to forgive doesn’t condone sin, or excuse the wrongs done to us, or even minimise our hurts. Offering forgiveness simply frees us to enjoy God’s undeserved gift of mercy, as we invite Him to accomplish beautiful works of peace-restoring grace in our lives and relationships.
So here’s a SLM to ponder:-
“Forgiving others expresses our trust in God’s right to judge according to His perfection and goodness”.
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 21st April 2021.
(1John 1:1-10)
To “walk in the light”is a metaphor for following Jesus. Imitating Jesus with the Spirit’s help, John insists, is a sign that we have joined with the apostles in the fellowship of faith. We are authentic Christians. But, He continues, let’s not be deceived: We will make wrong choices at times. In spite of that, grace is given in full measure: We can take what forgiveness we need.
Not perfect; just forgiven by Jesus! That’s the good word and SLM for today:-
“Monitor your heart daily to avoid wandering from God’s wisdom.
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 12th April 2021.
(James 1:1-12)
For many trees, new growth is made possible by the devastation of a natural disaster. James writes that our growth in faith is also made possible by our difficulties. See verses 2-4.
It’s difficult to be joyful during trials, but we can take hope from the fact that God will use them to help us reach maturity. Like trees, faith can grow in times of trial when difficulty clears space in our hearts for the light of God to touch us.
So here’s a SLM to start the week.
“Trials and tests can draw us closer to God”
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 14th April 2021.
(Jer 29:4-14).
In Old Testament days when God sent the people of Israel into exile in Babylon, He told them to serve Him in that foreign land and grow in faith until He brought them back home. See verse 11.
God urged them not to ignore or to be trapped by events of the past but instead to focus on Him and look ahead. The Lord’s forgiveness can transform the memory of our sorrow into great confidence in His everlasting love. So here’s another SLM to ponder.
“God can use our deepest disappointments to nurture our faith in Him”.
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 16th April 2021.
(Psa 119:33-40)
Verses 36-37 of today’s reading are particularly worth noting. So may I suggest reading God’s Word for 15 minutes a day. That adds up to 91 hours a year. But for whatever amount you decide to read each day, consistency is the secret and the key ingredient is not perfection but persistence. As you read, you’ll find, God’s Word moves from our minds to our hearts, then to our hands and feet, taking us beyond education to transformation.
“Teach me,Lord, the way of your decrees, that I may follow it to the end” (v.33). Ponder this SLM:-
“The Bible is the only Book whose Author is always present when it is read.”
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 7th April 2021.
(Psalm 139:1-18)
We all often wonder about the whys, whens and how’s of life, often forgetting that though we do not know everything,we know the God who does.
Psalm 139:1&3 speak of our all-knowing God’s all-encompassing intimate understanding of us. Read verses 1 & 2 again.
How comforting to know God loves us perfectly and is fully aware of what we will face today, and He knows how best to help us in every issue of life.
Our knowledge will always be limited, but knowing God is what matters most. We can trust Him. The SLM for today is simply:-
“Knowing God is what matters most”.
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 9th April 2021.
(Phil 3:12-21)
The Apostle Paul compared the Christian life to a race and admitted that he had not yet arrived at the finish line. See vv.13-14. Paul did not look back and allow his past failures to weigh him down with guilt,nor did he let his present successes make him complacent. He pressed on toward the goal of becoming more like Jesus. We are running a race too and Paul’s goal should be ours. The race is not for gaining an earthly prize, but for the ultimate reward of enjoying Him forever. So here’s a SLM to ponder.
“Never call it quits in pursuing Jesus”.
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 31st March 2021.
(Isaiah Chap 53)
Isaiah 53, an OT prophecy of the crucifixion of Jesus, gives us a glimpse of what He went through for us (vv7,8,10).
On the cross Jesus willingly bore our sin and guilt. No one ever suffered more than our Lord did for us. He knew what it would cost to save us from our sins and, in love, He just willingly paid it (vv.4-6).
Because of His resurrection from the dead, He is alive and present with us today. So whatever the situation we face, Jesus cares and understands. And He will carry us through. We live because of love.
Ponder this SLM anew this Easter.
“Jesus was the perfect sacrifice who died to give us life.”
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 5th April 2021.
Whilst in exile Nehemiah learned of the plight of his people and the devastation in the city of Jerusalem. He was given permission to return and to rebuild the walls. He suggested the same to his people (v.17).
He returned to rebuild not reminisce. It’s a powerful lesson for us as we consider the damaged parts of our past that need repair. It is our faith in Christ and His power that enables us to look ahead, move forward and rebuild. And the SLM for Monday.
“We cannot change the past, but God is changing the future”.
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 26th March 2021.
(Matt 7:21-29)
Jesus told a very powerful story to emphasize the importance of building our lives on the solid foundation of obeying His Word.
See vv.24-26. When the wind and rain beat against these houses only the one built on the rock remained standing.
Hearing God’s Word is essential, but doing what He says is the key to weathering the storms of life. It’s never too late to start building on the Rock. So why not ponder this SLM.
“When the world that surrounds you is crumbling, God is the Rock on which you can stand.”
…Pastor Ross.

Shedding Light Moment 29th March 2021.

(Mark 15:16-39)
When I see the cross on the wall behind the pulpit in our church I am reminded of the cross upon which Jesus died and what He endured; the place where our sin intersected with His holiness and where Jesus finished the work that was required to save us from the death we deserve. See Romans 6:23. As we approach the Easter season, consider anew what the cross means to you. God’s Son suffered and died there and then rose again to make eternal life possible. So give a lot of thought to this SLM.
“The cross of Christ reveals our sin at its worst and God’s love at its best”.
…Pastor Ross.