Shedding Light Moments

Shedding Light Moment 6th December 2021.
(James 2:14-26).
In the book of James we are very clearly told that faith without works is dead (v.17). This does not mean that works will result in faith, but that good works will affirm that our faith is real. It is easy to say we believe in God, but only our works can prove the very truthfulness of our words. Abraham was an example of this. He didn’t just talk about his faith; he demonstrated it by his willingness to give up his loved son Isaac in very obedience to God. Read it in Genesis 22:1-18 and again in verses 21 to 24 in James. And guess what?… Isaac was spared.
So reflect deeply on this SLM:-
“What matters is not faith and works; it is not faith or works; it is faith that works.”
….Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 8th December 2021.
(John 20:24-31)
After this account the Scriptures are silent about what happened to Thomas. Early church traditions, however, claim that Thomas went to India. It is said that while there he preached the gospel, worked miracles, and that he planted some churches. Some of these churches in India today still have very active members that trace their very founding back to Thomas.
A time of doubt doesn’t have to be a life pattern. Allow God to lead you into a deeper understanding of His reality. Renew your faith. Be assured you can still accomplish great things for Him. So give thought to this SLM:-
“Learn to doubt your doubts and believe your beliefs.”
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 29th November 2021.
(John 12:1-8).
To worship Jesus, Mary was willing to be thought of as immodest perhaps even immoral as the respectable women of her day never let their hair down in public.
Often when we go to church we work hard to make sure we have every hair in place. But a healthy church is a place where we can let down our hair and not hide our flaws behind a façade of false perfection.
Worship doesn’t involve behaving as if nothing is wrong; it’s making sure everything is right–right with God and with one another. When our greatest fear is letting down our hair, perhaps our greatest sin is keeping it up. So consider this SLM:-
“Our worship is right only when we are right with God and with others.”
….Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 1st December 2021.
(Psalm 90:1-12)
Life can be fragile. So it’s not a good idea to just cruise through our life thinking that we are invincible and that everything is going to be just fine, only to find that we are far more fragile than we thought. It takes only a call from the doctor bringing bad news or a close call on the road to remind us that life is very uncertain. In fact none of us can be certain of another breath. So the Psalmist has an important piece of advice, a warning of sorts. Read v.12 again reflectively.
So let’s choose to live as though this were our last moment on earth by loving more deeply, forgiving more readily, giving much more generously and speaking more kindly. Then, give thought to this SLM:-
“Yesterday is gone; tomorrow is uncertain; today is here. Use it wisely.”
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 3rd December 2021.
(Rom 8:12-26.)
Many people view the extraordinary as merely ordinary. For those who are followers of Christ, it is a mistake to view what we see as remarkable as ordinary. Think about prayer for instance. At any moment we can talk to the Creator God who spoke the universe into its very existence! Not only are we welcomed into His presence, but we are invited to enter boldly. See Hebrews 4:16.
There is nothing ordinary about access to God, but He is also our Father who loves us and allows us to call on Him at any moment of any day. Now that is extraordinary! So reflect on this SLM:-
“God is always available to hear the prayers of His children.”
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 22nd November 2021.
(2 Tim 3:14-17).
Sadly, to many, the Scriptures are like an “undiscovered country”. They have never discovered the valuable treasures found in the eternal words of the Bible. The Bible is alive and powerful and sharper than a two-edged sword, exposing the very innermost thoughts and desires of our lives (Heb 4:12). It is like a lamp to illuminate our path. See Psalm 119:105, and it has been given to equip us for God’s purposes as quoted so clearly in 2 Tim 3 :16-17.
Open the Bible and read it so you can find these treasures. It’s time, to discover!
It is indeed time!
So please ponder this SLM:-
“Rich treasures of God’s truth are just waiting to be discovered by you”.
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 24th November 2021.
(1Thess 5:12-18).
To be reminded to “pray continually” in verse 17 of our reading for today is helpful because on many occasions we tend to want to compartmentalize our lives. We pray only during church worship, small group Bible study, family devotions or in our personal quiet times. But what about during our workday? To pray on the job does not mean we have to fall to our knees with clasped hands and pray aloud. But it does mean that work decisions and relationships can be brought to God all through the day.
Wherever we are and whatever we’re doing, God wants to be a part of it. When prayer enters every aspect of our lives, who knows what God might do for His glory! So give thought to this SLM:-
“True prayer is a way of life, not an emergency detour!”
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 26th November 2021.
(Phil 4:10-20).
The phrase “I have learned” tells me that Paul did not meet every situation with a smile. Learning to be content required practice. His life and testimony included ups and downs, that ranged from snake bites to soul saving, false accusations to founding churches. Yet he claimed that Jesus was the answer to soul level satisfaction. See v.13. Jesus had given him the spiritual muscle to endure lean times and to avoid the pitfalls of abundance.
If you find yourself angling for “more, more, more,” then remember that true contentment comes when you have “more” of Christ.
Reflect then, on this SLM:-
“True contentment is not dependent on anything in this world.”
….Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 15th November 2021.
(Psalm 119:97-104).
In Psalm 119, the psalmist shared his thoughts about the Word and his desire to search it and be taught by God. See v.97. Our reading for today shows some of the psalmist’s reasons for loving it: It gives him wisdom and also understanding, it restrains his feet from evil, and it is sweet. Therefore it’s his meditation “all day long.”
So let’s keep taking the time to read the Bible. The more we search the Word, the more we’ll grow in our love for it and it’s Author. So ponder this SLM:-
“The more you read the Bible, the more you’ll love it’s Author.”
….Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 17th November 2021.
(2 Cor 1:6-11).
When our journey in life seemingly becomes too much for us, and too tough to navigate, then 2 Cor 1:9 is a reminder to us that we don’t travel alone. We have the help of the One who showed us His power in the resurrection, and who will indeed demonstrate His power again when He raises believers of all generations to the fullness of eternal life.
We need to always remember that our strength and hope have to be in Christ alone. That’s a truth we all need as we travel the journey God has for us. So give this SLM some thought:-
“The storms of life remind us to take shelter in the loving arms of our Saviour.”
….Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 19th November 2021.
(1 John 2:3-11).
The Apostle John wrote his first letter to encourage those who believed not to just look like real Christians, but to prove they are genuine by how they live. The evidence that a person’s faith is real is not found in some mystical experience with God. The proof that people truly know and love God is found in submitting to His authority and to His Word. See verses 5 and 6.
If we claim that we have been really transformed by the gospel and that we intimately know and love God, we should validate it by our obedience to His Word. Reflect then on this SLM:-
“Obedience to God is an expression of our love for God”.
….Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 8th November 2021.
(Matt 6:1-6,16-18)
In Matthew 6, Jesus told His disciples to give, pray, and fast in order to please God, not to gain praise from men.
Something within us however makes us want to be seen and recognized for our good deeds. While there’s nothing wrong with being encouraged and appreciated, a desire for praise can undermine our service because it shifts the focus from others to ourselves. When there is no public “thank you”, we may feel slighted. But even when we serve God in secret, He sees it all (vv.4, 6, 18). So ponder this SLM:-
“It is better to earn recognition without getting it than to get recognition without earning it”.
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 10th November 2021.
(Acts 17:16-31).
Some idols that we see in today’s world are different than the ones in Paul’s day. Be it wealth, fame, or celebrities the stark truth is contemporary idols abound. As always, our spiritual enemy, Satan, seeks to lure us away from the Saviour to the false worship of idols. Christians are not immune, and thus we must guard our hearts against any self-righteous anger toward unbelievers who seem to worship everything but God.
We must also be drawn by Christ’s love to reach out to those who don’t know Him. Then, like the believers at Thessalonica, they may turn “to God from idols to serve the living and true God”. See 1 Thess 1:9 and ponder this SLM:-
“An idol is really anything that takes God’s rightful place.”
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 12th November 2021.
(Romans 8:35-39).
The old hymn “You’ll Never Walk Alone” reminds me that the child of God never needs to fear any abandonment. Even if people turn on us, friends forsake us, or circumstances separate us from loved ones, we are never alone. God said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you”. See Hebrews 13:5. This is not just a nice tune or clever lyrics offering an empty sentiment. It is the promise of God himself to those who are the objects of His love. He is there — and He isn’t going away.
With Christ, you will never walk alone. So ponder this SLM:-
“God’s presence with us is one of His greatest presents to us”.
….Pastor Ross.