Shedding Light Moments

Shedding Light Moment 27th September 2021.
(Mark 4:36-41).
Imagine a world without any wind. Lakes would be calm. The falling leaves wouldn’t blow in the streets. In still air trees might suddenly fall over because they need wind stress to grow strong.
Jesus let His men experience gale- force winds to strengthen their faith (vv.36-41).
If the wind had not blown, these disciples would never have asked “Who is this? Even the winds and the waves obey Him (v.41).
Today, life in a protective bubble might sound good. But how strong would our faith be if we couldn’t discover for ourselves His reassuring “be still” when the winds of circumstance howl?.. So ponder this SLM:-
“God never sleeps”
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 20th September 2021.
(Proverb 6:16-23) (Psalm 119:105).
On a dark road at night, a torch or a lantern usually lights just a single step at a time.
The writer of Proverbs tells us, “In all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight”. See Proverbs 3:6. Even as a lantern lights each new step on the dark road at night, so the lamp of God’s Word is a light upon your pathway.
It isn’t necessary for us to see beyond what the Lord reveals. If we simply follow as He leads, we’ll find enough light for each step of the way!.. So ponder this SLM:-
“God will never lead you where His Word will not light you!”
….Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 22nd September 2021.
(Mark 5:1-20).
After Jesus healed the man with an evil spirit, He told him, “Go home to your own family and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.” (Mark 5:19). The man didn’t need to preach a powerful sermon; He simply needed to share his story.
No matter what our conversion experience is, we can do what that man did: “(He) went away and began to tell…how much Jesus had done for him.” So ponder this SLM:-
“Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story.”…
Psalm 107:2.
….Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 24th September 2021.
(John 15:12-17).
The scriptures show Jesus to be both powerful and gentle. He always welcomed little children yet He subdued demons, calmed violent storms and raised dead people!
The way we see Jesus determines how we relate to Him. If we focus only on His power, we may treat Him with the detached worship we’d give a comic book superhero. Yet, if we overemphasize His kindness, we risk treating Him too casually. The truth is that Jesus is both at once. He is great enough to deserve our very obedience yet humble enough to call us friends, v14. Give thought then, to this SLM:-
“What we think of Jesus shows in how we relate with Him”.
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 13th September 2021.
(Acts 9:36-42).
The faithful devotion to the Lord in what we might call the commonplace
things of life and her loving compassion for others have made Dorcas a model we should all emulate(vv36,39).
Truth is, most of us have not been given mighty deeds and fame as a way of advancing the gospel. Instead, it is the small thing, done faithfully, that really accomplishes the tasks God has called us to do.
May our walk with Christ be characterized by a host of loving deeds that bring blessing to others and reflect credit on our Saviour!! So ponder this SLM:-
“Making a living is measured by what we get, but making a life by what we give!”.
….Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 15th September 2021.
(1John 1:1-7).
If you know Jesus as your Saviour and have experienced His love, grace and forgiveness, you can tell someone else about Him. Youth, beauty, and good theological training are not required. Reality and enthusiasm are indeed more valuable than a training course in how to share your faith.
When it comes to telling others the wonderful story of how Jesus Christ can transform a person’s life, there is no substitute for a first-hand witness like you. So ponder this SLM:-
“Jesus doesn’t need lawyers; He needs reliable witnesses”.
….Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 17th September 2021.
(Luke 18:9-14)
Luke 18, is a parable about two different ways to pray. We can often get trapped in the cycle, like the Pharisee, of comparison, of boasting and live as though we have a right to judge others, (vv.11-12).
But when we look to Jesus as our example of holy living, our desperate need for God’s grace as in v.13 is magnified. As we experience the Lord’s loving compassion and forgiveness personally, we’ll be forever changed and empowered to expect and extend mercy, not condemnation, to others. So here is an SLM to think on:-
“When we realize the depth of our need for mercy, we can more readily offer mercy to others”.
….Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 6th September 2021.
(Matt 6:25-44).
It seems these days that people can find a lot to worry about and Christians are no different. Often we are troubled about what could happen in the future, or we spend way too much time on dwelling on the past. Our minds whirl and our emotions rise because of some sin we committed or a sad event that occurred years ago.
I have now, for a very long time, discovered that, we can really experience the peace of God when we stop stewing about what might be or what might have been and focus on what is.
It’s hard to walk with the Lord and experience His peace when we are paralyzed with worry about the past or the future.
In fact, we can’t! No wonder Jesus told us, “Do not worry” in Matthew 6:34. So ponder this SLM:-
“Worry is like a rocking chair–it will give you something to do, but it wont get you anywhere”.
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 8th September 2021.
(John 6:1-14).
Like most boys, I’m sure his lunch was no doubt a very important commodity.
Yet he was willing to give his lunch of five barley loaves and two small fish to the Lord. I think he may have known that by putting his lunch in the hands of Jesus, He could do extraordinary things with it. And He did. He fed thousands of hungry people.
Jesus is still looking for a few common folk like you and me who are willing to commit, some intentional acts of selfless sacrifice so that He can turn our offering into His glory. So why not commit such an act today and then ponder this SLM:-
“Let Jesus share with others what you want to keep for yourself”.
….Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 10th September 2021.
(Gal 2:15-21); (2 Tim 4:7-8).
Sometimes we Christians tend to forget that we are dependent on Christ to complete our Christian race.
As we strive to live a life that is pleasing to God we realize that in spite of our best intentions and determination, we often stumble and fall short. By our strength alone, it is just impossible. Oh, how we need the Lord’s help! And it has been provided. Paul declares it with the words of v.20 in Galatians Ch 2. Re-read it slowly.
We cannot finish the Christian race on our own. We have to do so by depending on Jesus living in us.
So ponder this SLM:-
“Faith connects our weakness to God’s strength”.
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 30th August 2021.
(Luke 5:1-11).
Many people it seems these days are drawn to Jesus by those who proclaim that God wants them to be healthy and wealthy. But His greatest concern and delight is not so much to ” fill our nets with fish”, that is, material prosperity. But He wants to fill our hearts with His love so we will become fishers of men. And he can do that only when we recognize, as Peter did in Luke 5:8, how spiritually needy we are. The richest people are those who have experienced the love of Christ and want to share it with others. That’s true prosperity! So ponder this SLM:-
“No one is so poor as he who has nothing but money”.
….Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 1st September 2021.
(Luke 10:38-42)
Life at times can get very hectic, making us feel that there’s just too much for one person to handle.
When that does happen, it’s good to realign our perspective by reminding ourselves of what Jesus told Martha.
He told her that she had become “distracted by all the preparations that had to be made” (v.40). He reminded her that her sister Mary had chosen the one thing that would never be taken away (v.42). Like many of us, Martha got so wrapped up in her service that she forgot the most important thing; fellowship with her Lord.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed especially with the “lockdown blues” then don’t lose sight of your priorities. Spend time with the Lord. He will lift your load and those “blues” and give you the right perspective. So ponder this SLM:-
“To keep your life in balance, lean on the Lord”.
…Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 3rd September 2021.
(Acts 4:13-22).
Often, the very fragrances we absorb from the places we go and the people that we associate with can paint a telling picture of our lives.
The Scripture says of Peter and John that the Rulers and elders of the people, “took note that these men had been with Jesus”. See v.13. Their boldness in proclaiming the gospel resulted from their close association and fellowship with the risen Lord. This gave a heavenly fragrance to their lives.
It is our privilege on a daily basis to have sweet sweet communion with our blessed Lord. As we linger long in His presence, the holy aroma of His person will permeate our entire life. So ponder this SLM:-
“There will be more reflection of Jesus when there is more reflection on Jesus”.
….Pastor Ross.