Shedding Light Moments

Shedding Light Moment 25th January 2021.
(Psalm 25:1-11)
In Psalm 25 King David recognized that he needed guidance all through the day as he faced the very challenges of life. He emphasised that in verse 5. Wanting to be a teachable follower of God, David looked to his Redeemer for direction. His heart’s desire was to wait on God with a dependent faith throughout the entire day. With the many distractions we face in a day may this be our desire as well and may we be reminded to pray “All through this hour, Lord, be my guide”. So here’s a SLM to start the week.
Let Christ be first in your thoughts in the morning and last in your thoughts at night.
…Blessings Pastor Ross.

Shedding Light Moment 27th January 2021.
(James 4:13-17)
James reminds us that any view of the future that omits God is foolish and proud. See verses 13-15.
When I was a boy many people used to begin their statement of plans with “Lord willing”. The phrase may have become trite, but the very wise acknowledgment of God’s overruling hand is not.
As we all look ahead with God firmly in view, we can face the future with confidence in His loving plan. So here’s a mid-week SLM.
Those who know Christ as Saviour can face the future with joy.
..Blessings Pastor Ross.

Shedding Light Moment 20th January 2021.
(1Peter 2:1-10)
The Apostle Peter described Jesus as a living stone in verses 4 and 5 of today’s reading. Precious in the eyes of the Father is the sacrifice of the Rock of our salvation. Christ is the enduring stone upon which the Father has built our salvation and the only foundation for meaningful life(1Cor 3:11).
It is only as our lives are built upon His strength that we will be able to endure the harshness of life in a fallen world…So here’s today’s SLM.
We have nothing to fear if we stay close to the Rock of Ages.
…Blessings Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 22nd January 2021.
(Luke 15:1-10)
In Luke Chapter 15, Jesus underscored the importance of every person to God with three stories about something lost, a sheep, a coin, and a son. In each story,a person has lost something of great value. When it is found there is great rejoicing.
The point is clear: We are all of great value to God, who offers us forgiveness and new life through Christ. And He faithfully pursues us with His love and grace. There is great joy in heaven over one sinner who repents (v7). So here’s a SLM for week’s end.
Our value is measured by what God has done for us.
Shedding Light Moment 15th January 2021.
(1Thess 5:12-22)
According to verse 18 in our reading, there’s no getting around the fact that God wants us to pray with thanksgiving when the future is uncertain, when heartbreak hits, and when shortfalls come.
It’s hard to be very grateful in difficulties, but not impossible. Daniel “prayed and gave thanks” (Dan 6:10), when he knew that His life was in danger. Jonah called out “with a song of thanksgiving”(Jonah 2:9) while inside the fish! These examples coupled with God’s promise that He will work all things out together for our good and His glory in (Rom 8:28),can inspire us to be most thankful in all things.
So here’s a week ending SLM.
In all circumstances we can give thanks that God has not left us on our own.
…Blessings Pastor Ross.

Shedding Light Moment 18th January 2021.
(Psalm 8)
I have observed that for the most part, that children live life unfettered by the cares and sorrows that burden adults. Their faith lets them trust God more readily. While we adults often get lost in trials and sorrows, children retain the psalmist’s view of life, an eternal perspective that sees the greatness of God (Psalm 8:1-2).
God can be trusted, and He longs for us to trust Him the way children do (Matthew18:3).
So here’s a SLM to start the week.
An intimate walk with God lifts our eyes from today’s trials and into eternity’s triumphs.
…Blessings Pastor Ross.

Shedding Light Moment 11th January 2021
(Eccles 3:1-8)
Our passage for today lists some of the changing times and seasons in our human experience. Sometimes we do welcome change in our lives, albeit that it is often difficult. Yet even then we can be thankful that God does not change as Malachi 3:6 clearly suggests.
Because God does remain the same, we can rely on Him all through the shifting seasons of life. His presence is always with us (Psalm 46:1), His peace has the power to guard our hearts (Phil 4:7),and His love provides security for our souls (Rom 8:39). So here is a SLM to start the week.
God’s unchanging nature is our security during seasons of change.
…Blessings Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 13th January 2021.
(1Tim 6:6-12 and)
( Heb13:5)
We live in a world that feeds our desire for more and more— until we find it almost impossible to really be content with anything at all.
The only remedy for hearts that “want it all” is in the very contentment found in the presence of the living God. He is sufficient for our needs and longings, and He alone can bring us the peace and contentment we’ll never find in the pursuits of this life.
There really is no such thing as being almost content. In Christ we can know true contentment. So here’s another SLM to reflect on.
Contentment is not getting what we want but being satisfied with what we have.
…Blessings Pastor Ross.
Shedding Light Moment 6th January 2021
(Matthew 11:20-24)
In the three cities in the above passage, Jesus, clearly showed himself to be the Son of God by performing miracles. But the people refused to listen to His great message. As a sad result, those cities were cursed by God and reduced to heaps of rocks, nothing but monuments to their unbelief. The lesson is clear. When Jesus speaks, we must take His words to heart. In fact, all of Scripture needs to be taken seriously. To choose to disregard God’s Word shows a heart of real unbelief and will leave our lives in ruins. But to heed its life-giving instruction brings reward and blessing. So here’s a mid-week SLM.
To ignore the Bible is to invite disaster.
…..Blessings Pastor Ross.

Shedding Light Moment 8th December 2021
(Colossians 2:1-7)
For little children walking is just one step away from falling, yet they keep at it until walking becomes second nature.
Paul urged all who believe to live by faith so that they would become firmly rooted in their walk with Christ(vv6-7).
We do that by just focusing our very thoughts on Him:-
What He has done, what He is doing now and what He will do for us. We take a risk by depending on Him completely, obeying His commands, and putting His teaching into practice.
Walking with Christ may sometimes be frightening, but it is the only way to make progress in our spiritual growth…So here’s an SLM to end the working week.
You cannot run the race until you learn to walk.
….Blessings Pastor Ross.

Shedding Light Moment 1st January 2021

(Psalm 136)
The Psalmist reminds us of God’s “great wonders”(v.4) and His wisdom in creation in (v.5). In verses (vv.10-22) he moves on to rehearse the great exodus of His people. As we think through these pictures of creation and deliverance we can easily find something to thank God for every day.
What better way to start off a new year than to simply concentrate on conveying gratitude to our Lord. “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love/mercy endures forever”. (v.1)…So here’s an SLM to start 2021.
When you think of all that’s good,give thanks to God.
….Blessings Pastor Ross.

Shedding Light Moment 4th January 2021
(John 8:1-11)
The crowd in our story wanted to just condemn the guilty woman but Jesus showed mercy (v11). His compassion for her reminds us of His forgiving grace; and His command to her points to His great desire that we live in the joy of that grace. Both elements show the depth of Christ’s concern for us when we stumble and fall.
Even in our most embarrassing times of failure, we can cry out to Him and find that His grace is truly amazing…So here’s an SLM to start this week.
Jesus alone can supply The grace we need for each trial we face.
…..Blessings Pastor Ross

Shedding Light Moment 28th December 2020

(Psa139:1-12; 2Tim 2:19)
Our heavenly Father is intimately acquainted with each of His children. He is aware of our every thought, our emotions and decisions we make. (See Psa 139:6).
Not only does this evoke our praise,but it should also bring great comfort to our hearts. Jesus told his men that the Father knows when a single sparrow falls to the ground. Because people are of so much greater value than the birds,God’s children can be well assured of His constant care.
How wonderful it is to be a well-loved, “well-known” person!…So here’s a SLM to start the week.
With God you’re never lost in a crowd.
….Blessings Pastor Ross.

Shedding Light Moment 30th December 2020
In reading passages of scripture like Rom 8:31-39, John 10:28-29,Phil 3:12 (take the time) you soon discover that one thing is certain: It is not our grip on God that keeps us safe, but the power of Jesus’ grasp. Once we’re in His hands, He will not let go.
In fact, we are, in actuality, doubly safe: Our Father on one side and our Lord and Savior on the other, clasping us in a real vise like grip. These are the hands that shaped the very mountains and oceans and flung the stars into space. Nothing in this life or the next “shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Rom 8:39).
So here’s a mid-week SLM.
The One who saved us is the One who keeps us.
….Blessings Pastor Ross.