The Bible at a Glance.

The Bible at a Glance

A one-sentence overview of biblical books.

Genesis – outlines the beginning of creation, man and Israel; specifically chronicling the lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob & Joseph.

Exodus – describes the “going out” of Israel from Egypt and their struggles to obey a holy God who wanted to “tabernacle: or dwell with them.

Leviticus – God’s guidebook; offers the newly-redeemed Israel the way to worship, serve and gain access to God.

Numbers – transitions God’s people from their wilderness wanderings to their place in a new land by illustrating divine consequences for rebellion.

Deuteronomy – The second law, records Moses’ swan song, stressing the importance of loving God and obeying Him with all your heart.

Joshua – Chronicles the military campaign to reclaim Israel’s land; however, they learn that victory is found through faith in God alone.

Judges – Contrasts Israel’s past obedience to the necessary consequences when everyone did what was right in their own eyes.

Ruth – Tells the beautiful love story between King David’s great-grandparents and affirms that God will provide for and protect His children.

1 & 2 Samuel – tell of the adventures and reigns of Israel’s first two kings:  Saul and David, the man after God’s own heart.

1 & 2 Kings – trace the political line of Israel, beginning with King Solomon, whose heart was divided; and end with a Nation whose people were divided.

1 & 2 Chronicles – Mirror the history of 1 & 2 Kings yet concentrate on the spiritual lives of Judah’s Kings who modelled their hearts after David.

Ezra – follows the exiled people’s return back to the land as God promised and describes a new beginning for Israel.

Nehemiah – Outlines the administrative genius nd faith of a man who would rally God’s people to rebuild the protective walls of Jerusalem in 52 days.

Esther – Set between the time of Ezra 6 – 7; tells the true Cinderella story of how God delivered His people from a holocaust-like plot.


 * Currently updated on a weekly basis